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Write Your Timeline

Capture moments by moments

To add an entry in memoFolio, just a memory or an event. Start with the basis, the date of the event that can be precise or approximative, to allow you to position everything in the timeline. Then your mood at this time and the level of visibility you want to give it, because you decide if it is a private or a shareable moment. Add a location, a reference as a title and the story of your event.

Spark memories with the Event Helper

The app will randomly proposed event suggestions based on your book's start date. It may be an historical moment or simply a common experience such as a first kiss. Whenever the page gets refreshed, a new suggestion will be proposed, free to you to use it.

An image is worth a thousand words

You will also be able to add one or more photos to illustrate everything. The photos in memoFolio have all a squared format and the loading process will give you the possibility to crop your image as you wish with the possibility to make it private (so visible only for you) and complete it with a caption.

Who was there too?

You will have the opportunity to define the people you know who also participate in this event. For purposes of sharing, depending on your choice, assigning contacts can make your event visible to others and allow others to add the memory to their timeline. In addition, if one of these contacts decides to join memoFolio to produce their own biography, a reward program will add time to your registration.

Highlight it with some extensions

In order to review these different life lessons, quotes or kid sayings who populated your life, memoFolio allows you to highlight and group these moments. Just like your life galleria, these experiences and your photos will allow you to fly over all these memories.

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