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Share Your Moments

Tour your bookshelf

In addition to the volumes of which you are the author, if you have access to memories of an acquaintance who has identified you as participant and which allows you to access them, you will have access to his volume to visualize that the memories available at you. This volume will be added to your library. By selecting it, all memoFolio content will be displayed in the context of this volume.

We all share events together

Being identified on the event of another volume, you will be able to link this memory to your volume and thus add that moment to your timeline. By binding a memory, it remains the property of its author and unless there are specific rights, it will be read only. Any changes made on it will be immediately visible to you, including comments. This memory will be identified differently and you can remove this link at your leisure.

Export an event to your book

By importing a memory, you copy much of the content to your volume, giving you all the rights to modify that copy, as if you had created it at the base. A quick way to add content to your volume.

Compare your moods

By identifying the emotion on each event, by using its algorithm, memoFolio will draw your happiness curve. A pictorial way to see the roller coaster of your life and memoFolio will combine the average events for the same dates as a simple comparison.

Your footprint on the world

With the simplistic location of your memories, see the different events of your life on the world map. Follow all by period as you wish.

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