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Who will have access to my book?

As we deal with your life events, which are mostly personal, memoFolio applies several levels of security which you have full control over.

From the beginning, anything that is identified as private will be visible only by the author of these entries. When set it as shareable, it is basically visible only to the participants of that memory. You will also be able to add a Diary content extension, which will always be private.

It is then possible to define for each participant to your memories security roles that can be applied to the entire book or a set of criteria, such as a date period, the participation or not of individuals, the possibilities of sharing or commenting. According to the criteria, memoFolio will present you the list of the memories which will be accessible to them.

The roles you assigned

By default, all participants attached to your memories are only references. You will also have the opportunity to give them more access to facilitate sharing. You can define a role based on a period of time and based on several criteria ... But this remains your choice.

This level allows you to share the edition of your book, the content, the images and the management of the extensions.

This role allows an individual to add an additional comments to your content but cannot change anything else.

Allows you to view your memories in read-only mode, allowing it only to read.

The basic role for all participants, which grants no access other than to identify the individual as a participant in your memories.

Relationship management

A relationship principle has been integrated to identify the link between you, which allows you to find users in the application that may have crossed your path. In addition, this relationship can guide the level of sharing that can be applied.

Relation Sphere

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