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How it works?

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Within the registration process, after typing in your name, birth date and an email, an algorithm will attempt to find within the database a matching account. Since memoFolio allows you to define which participant was present within a memory, it is possible you might already be there.

If none is found, the account will be created with the information submitted. If one is found based on the email, you will have the possibility to claim this account by confirming your email then the account is yours. If one is found, without the email, memoFolio can request the access to the owner for you.

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Customized your book

Right after creating your account, a book will be created for you with 2 basic memories; your birth based on the birth date submitted and today's date has the start on memoFolio. You will have the possibility to personalized your book by editing the title, the introduction which will replace the home page content on memoFolio for your book and set a cover page photo.

Split your life in chapters

memoFolio offers the possibility to group memories by date range to create your life chapters. You can set the chapter title, a brief description and a photo that represent the chapter. An intuitive interface will allow you to manage your chapters.

Browse your life Galeria

On each memories, you have the option to add photos or highlight content such as funny facts, life lessons or quotes. memoFolio allows you to review all of these elements that define you within your gallery.

Generate your biography

At any time, you can generate an electronic copy of your timeline in PDF that can easily be printed on paper. The extraction is done either by chapter or for the whole book including your cover page and chapter index of your life.

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