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About Us

Origin of memoFolio

In 2010, our founder Sylvain Latulippe ventured into the composition of the family tree of his family. A colossal work that led him to use several tools to collect memories and to call on the memory of the various family members.

An important point is emerged during this research. Memories are vivid in the current generation, but in the previous generation is that of our parents, we remember that major events and amusing facts, but nothing in the personal journey of individuals. Going up to the generation of our grandparents, those memories are summed up important events, namely birth, marriages and deaths.

As saying so Jean-Marc Chaput: "A life of 70 years at St-Hubert boils that link between the year of birth and death on a tombstone". Where have all the events that have shaped a life and that could help to understand so many things. Hence the importance of leaving its trace.

The vision of memoFolio

Have you notice the interest and curiosity of our children when we tell the stories of our past? Discover our lives through the photos. How they may feel comforting to see that we have experienced such challenges, adventures and sometimes sorrows. Would we not want to know more about our parents, our grandparents and our ancestors?

memoFolio is a tool to gather these memories, and by facilitating the creation of a biography that will leave a trace of our existence and why not a message to future generations.

By sharing our memories, depending on the degree of exposure you want to give them, several members of a family or friends can build more quickly this life course in order to keep these experiences, positive or negative.

A team that wants to grow

memoFolio is in its embryonic phase. A vision that comes to life. Over the app grows, we need more talents to support it and make it grow. Whether as investors, programmers, designers or for support, would like to expand the team to make memoFolio, a lifetime of memories platform.

Do not hesitate to contact us.