About Us

About Us

Origin of memoFolio

In 2010, I ventured into research to produce our family tree. The colossal work led me to use several Internet tools to trace our ancestors. To collect memories of the family, I appealed to the memory of the various members of the great Latulippe family.

One crucial thing emerged during this research.

Memories are vivid in the current generation; of course, all members are alive, and it is possible to get clarification.

In the previous generation, our parents, we only remember the major events and fun facts shared over the years. But nothing necessarily of the personal individual journey. Sometimes a situation brings back a memory, and it is with interest that we listen to it.

Going back to our grandparents' generation and more, these memories boil down to important events, namely births, marriages and deaths.

Quebec speaker Jean-Marc Chaput once said: “A life of 70 years in Montreal comes down to the hyphen between the year of birth and death on a tombstone”. Where are all the memories that shaped his life, would give meaning, and could help us learn and understand? Hence the importance of leaving a trace.

The vision of memoFolio

Have you noticed the interest and curiosity of our children when we tell the stories of our past? When we are told the memories through the photos, how these take on an emotional value. What more would you like to know about our parents, grandparents and ancestors? Or quite simply, being told memories about us when we were little when we were the main character of two people with their baggage of experiences.

memoFolio is an approach to help parents tell THEIR stories to leave a trace of their experiences to present themselves and guide their future generations.

It is also an application accessible on the Internet to facilitate the gathering of memories within a centralized and secure environment. Events by events, a life chronology is built, allowing one to visualize their journey. Then, from the most significant moments, write THEIR story to generate their biography in a document ready to read and share.

memofolio offers the same information on memofolio.blog. Its mission is to allow people to choose the best platform for them while providing access to the same support and content—all to carry out their project and leave a trace of themselves.

A team that wants to grow

memoFolio is in its embryonic phase, a vision that wants to come to life. As the app grows, we need more talents to support it and make it grow. Whether as investors, programmers, designers or for support, we would like to expand the team to make memoFolio, a lifetime of memories platform.

Do not hesitate to contact us.