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Posted by Sylvain Latulippe on 2019-01-07  | Share:

After many years working on this project in spare time and with the assistance of a great development team, memoFolio is ready to the launched... finally!

Everything started from intense research to build a family genealogy and realizing how little we know about our ancestor's life. Unless you are lucky enough to have an ancestor who wrote his own biography or collect a bunch of old documents, many of us will only know the birth, wedding or death date for them.

No need to deep within generations, we have some good memories of our parent's life, some memories about our grand parent's life, but older than this... it's just some dates.

How about your life now? We often get it from a blast from the past, a passing memory from our childhood or teenage years that we forgot about. How about storing those, these events and memories that somehow define who we are. Don't you think your kids and future generation might be interested in them? Would you be about the life stories from your ancestors?

Finally, how about your kids? As a parent, we remember a lot of memories about them. Don't you think they might enjoy reading them in the future, and possibly keep adding to it with their own experiences.

This project is meant to capture them and share them between those who experienced these events and memories too.

To facilitate the capture, a mobile app is currently in development and should be released shortly.

Sit back, reflect on your past and start your introverted exploration, not to reopen old wounds, but to identify where you are coming from, what made you who you are and how these can help you move forward.

Don't want to relive your past, no problem. Begin writing down your journey from now, always interesting to review it later

Have a great journey!


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