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How was your summer?

Posted by Sylvain Latulippe on 2019-09-21  | Share:

And here we are now in autumn... How was your 2019 summer vacation? Have you travelled, done exceptional activities or memorable parties? Fantastic!

These memories and moments are still fresh in memory, how do you intend to keep them? How about your memories of last year or 5 years ago?

Often these end up sleeping in a directory on the computer or in a box. They come back to us as a flashback and then they leave again. Photos are a way of remembering a moment, but they do not express more than what they illustrate in this split second for others ... They do not express the stories and feeling around the event. This is where memoFolio can help!

By compiling these memories and attaching the participants to them, you leave a trace of yourself for others, and for you too, because it is always interesting to reread them to remember our experiences.

Take a moment to capture these memories in your life chronology, for you, your loved ones and who knows ... your future generations.


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